Demonstrating your quality

Im a big fan of business theory Ive done alot of courses which have involved reading through numerous books and theories from everything from marketing to HR to quality. One of the better known authors on business theory is Michael Porter whos created a number of tools and concepts that are widely taught across the world.

Reading through his books on competitive advantage is worth doing. Youll find that his books are quoted frequency by thousands of authors because of quality and relevancy of his work.  In one of his books about competitive advantage he makes the point that many companies say they provide fantastic service and brilliant products and that ultimately within their market they provide superior quality. He goes onto say that if you really want to have a competitive advantage based on quality and customer satisfaction you cant just say you are the best you have to prove it and provide evidence of it.

When thinking about this and the ISO9001 standard you can see a link. Specifically if you consider clause 7.4 it relates to communication and what should be communicated. I think that a fantastic way of proving you provide a good service and also communicating it is to take customer feddback and stick it on your website. This isn’t new but what I think you should do it publish the bad feedback. By doing this you are showing you are willing to listen to bad feedback, take it on board and do something about it.

Publishing customer feedback in this way not only allows for 7.4 to be met but will also shows that you are complying with clause 8.2.1 which involves monitoring an measuring customer satisfaction by seeking feedback. To see how Ive put this in place within my firm go to and go to blog and youll be able to see the results of our satisfaction surveys that take place each month.


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