Readiness review

If you already have a quality management system in place such like ISO9001:2008 then you have a lot of the foundations in place and will go through what is termed as a transition to ISO9001:2015. This will generally happen after you have gone through what BSI term a readiness review. This may be termed a something else depending on what body you use, my experience is with working with BSI.

I will go through in more detail my experience of a readiness review  in another post. For now to aid in the transition BSI have created the following document that explains transitioning that may be of use.

Transitioning to ISO9001:2015

My firm is in the processing of transitioning to the new ISO9001:2015 standard. Any use info i find i will post here to help anyone else doing the same.

Ive found this really useful, its a video from BSI that goes through frequently asked questions and other useful info that might be of use for anyone else who is transitioning.